2012 Movie Expectations

Happy New Year everyone!

Last week, a number of very exciting trailers for movies to be released in 2012 hit the internet. As a lot of them really piqued my interest, I thought I'd share them with you all.


Prometheus is Ridley Scott's prequel to his acclaimed Alien series. It looks like the visual spectacle that we've come to expect from Scott, and I wouldn't have known that it had anything to do with the Alien series were it not for the Space Jockey set that makes a short cameo. I'm a bit worried because it feels like the movie will get it's excitement from the scale of the story, rather than the depth. Big sets are great and all, but I wonder how much of that will be memorable, compared to the original Aliens story.

The Dark Knight Rises

I have to admit, I'm skeptical that Nolan can top his previous Batman film without the use of some gimmick. Bane was never one of my favorite Batman villains, and Heath Ledger's Joker was incredible to say the least. I do respect that Nolan says that this will be his last Batman film, as so many other directors would have no problem milking the IP to death. That being said, this looks pretty sick.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Most of my friends and peers are waiting for this one particularly. Peter Jackson has proven himself in the eyes of many with his interpretation of Tolkien's novels. It seems to be lighter fair than Lord of the Rings, as the source material was lighter than that of Rings. However, we do get to see our favorite ex-River-person, Gollum, and that's always a performance to behold.

Wrath of the Titans

Once again, the teat that is Greek mythology is being milked raw. Wrath of the Titans takes a great deal of liberties with the mythology as it introduces a (second) war between the Gods and the Titans (those who were driving the great big station wagon that we call The World before the kids stole the keys and went on a joyride), and Sam Worthington reprises his role as the demigod, Perseus to somehow fix it all, again. My Greek mythology may be a bit rusty, but I don't remember this chapter. Be that as it may, it'll probably be a visual spectacle (like almost every other Hollywood movie these days). Oh, and it's in 3D.. because... why not?


For the love of god, why?
So, here's Battleship. Aliens either came, or were here, or whatever, and during a Naval exercise, they ran into True Blood's Alexander Skarsgård and other less important people, and they face off for... something. The fate of the world, I suppose. Apparently everyone just wants to blow up the earth, or just the human race for some ridiculous reason (like we're such an annoyance to the rest of the sentient beings out there).There's a love interest, Brooklyn Decker, who in the film plays "Samantha". Interestingly enough, her character has so little depth that IMDB didn't bother to write Samantha's last name... Maybe she doesn't have one? Also, if you're going to invade a planet, best to check if Liam Neeson lives there. Chances are you'd be better off finding another planet to invade.

And more more thing, this is Battleship. Are those ACTUAL PEGS that the alien fired over onto the human ship? Really?



So what movies are you waiting to see in 2012? What were some of your favorite trailers? Sign off below~