We're not in Kansas anymore.

So for the holidays, I was lucky enough to take some time and visit my family in California. My parents moved from the east coast to California in 2004, and I've been on the east coast since. I purposefully took only my iPhone and iPad, so that I wouldn't be in a situation where I found myself stuck indoors doing visual effects. It's been great taking the time to enjoy being with my family, meeting new and old cousins and enjoying my time off. I was also able to have my picture taken with my brothers, which hasn't happened for of 10 years.

I also met some other film makers out here who enjoyed my work, so that's always cool! Hooray validation! It's always cool to see your work validated and appreciated by your peers. Anyways, in a matter of days, I'll be back on my way to the east coast (which I've heard if freezing... I've been spoiled by California weather, even if it is San Francisco). I'm excited to play with the new follow focus wheel that I got for my camera, and hang out with a certain young woman who shares my passions :)

Until then~