Why we Love Felicia Day

This week is the International Academy of Web Television Awards (IAWTV). To get people hyped about the awards, the IAWTV called on the internet's sweetheart, Felicia Day, and others to make short videos about why they do what they do (namely, create original web television content). 

I have a huge amount of professional admiration for Felicia Day. Here's someone who has an imagination, drive and doesn't take no for an answer. The story goes, Day had been writing pilots for so long, and getting rejections that she decided to take matters in her own hands and create her own web show. The first season was financed by herself and friends. Amazingly (or not, if you've seen The Guild, It's an awesome show!) The Guild is hugely successful, and has inspired countless others to produce their own original content.

Seeing that it's not impossible to make something out of love and have it be successful without the backing of a major corporation is awesome. Day may not be the first person to push the envelope in web television, but she's one of the most influential. She's on our team, and one of my personal heroes.

Check out her video below.