Hitfilm 2 for Mac Kickstarter - 3 reasons why you should support them.

This morning, FxHome Hitfilm started a Kickstarter to help fund the conversion of their flagship software, Hitfilm2 to Mac. As a Mac user, I own Hitfilm 2 for PC that i've been running through bootcamp, and I've been an FXHome customer since Visionlab. I'm also contributing. Here's why:

1. The Cost/Return is awesome

As stated on their website, Hitfilm is already a proven product. It has industry recognition from the likes of Film Riot's Ryan Connolly and Freddie Wong. The software is not only a video editor, it's a VFX package with 3D model integration. For something comparable, you'd have to go with something like After Effects + Video Copilot's Element 3D. Nothing against Adobe and Andrew Kramer, but some people just don't have that money, especially those starting out.

2. The Company

FxHome is based in Norwich, UK. They don't have the massive resources that Adobe has, but they put together a solid product. They have been personally extremely cool with me, responding to my random questions about the product, and the industry. As a matter of fact, I got to talk to their community manager today about his take on a potential project of mine in the near future. They bring a very personal approach to this. They know that we're all learning, and they encourage community. I've not seen another company do that ever before. I feel like I have stock in the company just by being a user. They're not just programmers making a product. They're film makers who are making a tool that they believe in. I believe in them as well. If they had a NY office, I'd apply to work there right now.

3. Competition breeds Innovation.

The more VFX users there are out there, with more tools, the better we all have to become. If you can't afford After Effects and Premiere, or Final Cut, you'd be out of the game if not for companies like FxHome. They're providing a lower cost alternative that lowers the barrier to entry for aspiring artists and filmmakers. With the continued advancements that the Hitfilm team make during every update, you're only going to see more and more quality work come out of that package. 

Supporting creative companies like this only help everyone in the long run. We allow more people to have the means to create, and thus raise the bar for ourselves as well. If we want to see better products, better films, better effects and better stories, we need to support those that are making it happen.

Check out their kickstarter for more information.