What is Your Idea?

Let's face it, we  are incredibly lucky.

We live in a era where creatives have much better tools and opportunities to create. Our smartphones shoot HD, and if you spend a little more, you can get something that would have cost ten times as much ten years ago.  We can produce visuals with over the counter software than would make studio executives of twenty years ago wet themselves. Individuals, or small teams are creating feature length films that hold up to major blockbusters in both quality and style. The barrier to entry is getting to be so low in cost and learning curve that almost anyone can jump in and try their hand at the creative arts.

This brings me to Hitfilm. I've spoken about the software a few times before, but their latest trailer came out which reveals some of their newest features. Not only did it make me happy to see new features, the theme of the trailer made me happy. It speaks to the point that it's all about what you, the individual film maker starting out, or veteran wants to see. Check it out and enjoy. If you like it, get the free demo and get creating.