mass effect

Mass Marketing

In my day job, I work in the marketing department for an IT firm in southwestern Connecticut. As such, I try to keep an eye out for interesting ways that companies marketing themselves on the internet. 

Today, I saw this one on my lunch break:

...did something happen to Bridgeport?For those who don't follow gaming, Mass Effect 3 was released today for all major platforms. In this final chapter of the Mass Effect trilogy, the enemy of all living sentient life has come to earth to wipe human kind from existance. 

This isn't an original story. There are plenty of movies, television shows, and comics with this very same idea: War of the Worlds, Battle Los Angeles, Falling Skies, V.... 

But what sets this aside, with this ad at least, is the personalization. See, Bridgeport is three towns north from where I live. I'm sure if you were to see the same ad, it would say something different.

Fight for San Francisco 

Fight for Seattle

Fight for Milwakee

I normally pass by ads that I see online. As someone who spends many days making them myself, I'd like to think that I've become somewhat immume to their messaging. But this ad caught my attention because it did what many other ads have done, making the ads personal, making the message applicable to me, but simple enough that it raised a question: Why fight? What's coming? 

Well, this is what's coming:

Well done, Bioware.
You have my attention.