Cool VFX from the web

I'm constantly on the lookout for inspirational videos on youtube, Vimeo and more. Anything to keep my motivation up, and give me new ideas. There are so many great film makers out there that use wildly different styles that there's really no reason not to be inspired. Here are a few that caught my eye this week:


This is why Falcon Punch is Not A Toy

This piece was done by Wren Weichman, a visual effects artist who hails from Portland, but recently moved to Los Angeles. He has a very cool style, adds humor to his pieces, and is extremely knowleageable. He actually has a series of visual effects tutorials on focusing on superpower VFX. Make sure you watch the Making of/BTS of Falcon Punch. Even if you're not interested in the technical side of things, the laughs you get from Wren and his friends, Matt and Spencer are worth it. 



How did I miss this guy? Gak is a youtuber with a huge following. He combines visual effects with martial arts like I've never seen before. He doesn't skimp on the quality either, as his VFX skill is totally matched by his martial arts skill. I don't know much about him, but I'm going to be paying a closer look at his work. He has a style that I definitely want to learn from. Hopefully, I can find some BTS stuff that he's done. Pro Tip: Make sure to check out his Epic Anime Time video. Apparently it was barely planned, shot at a convention with random cosplayers, and vfx added afterwards. Not bad at all!


Leave Me

Leave Me (now on Hulu at from Ryan Dunlap // Daros Films on Vimeo.


This one is actually not so new, but still has a great place in my list of favorite short films. As you can tell from the video, there aren't many visual effects in this piece besides color correction. All the effects are in the editing. What inspired me in this short, which comes in at only 5:13, is the range of emotions that the viewer is taken through. From the extreme sadness of losing a loved one to a bit of humor, to desperation, hope, delight, and then finally acceptance. What got me is that this is all story, no gimmick, and it perfectly shows how great a piece can be if the concept is solid.

What are your thoughts on the videos?