Lets face it.

Doing-it-yourself isn't easy. In fact, it's damn hard. 
We do-it-yourselfers teaching ourselves as much as we can without a 'proper' formal education, often learning our mistakes the hard way, through practice, rather than from instruction. We learn from doing, and from other do-it-yourself people along the way. I've been lucky enough to find sites like Backyard Effects, Film Riot, Video Copilot, various bloggers, and other YouTubers like Drew Casson, Freddie Wong, Gabriel Sung to learn from.

However, the other side of do-it-yourself that many find difficult is finding the motivation. It's one thing to have a job doing the things you love, or be in school learning about it, but when you're learning something just to learn it, it's harder to keep the flame going. 
We all have lives outside of our hobbies (or else, of course, they wouldn't be hobbies, would they?) and life, as it does so very often, has a knack of getting in the way. Jobs, relationships, obligations...

But I love learning. And I love learning about film making, even if i'm moving a lot slower than I'd like to be moving. But a few things have happened recently, that have really encouraged me to move forward. On more than one occasion, people I barely know, (or, have never met in some cases), have approached me and told the that they enjoy my work, ask what i'm planning next, and if they can somehow get involved. To be randomly approached about things that I thought only me, and maybe a couple of my friends have seen is a huge motivator. Also, I had a conversation with a buddy of mine across the pond for over an hour via FaceTime that helped me to keep my motivation up. (Thanks Drew). 

So, what do to? Find more people to help me film!